17 octobre 2011

Les salaires moyens du top 5 de la Silicon Valley

Les salaires moyens du top 5 de la Silicon Valley: Twitter arrive en tête, Apple en seconde position
5. GoogleSearch engine master and maker of Android, this engineer-loving, young and vibrant company pays an average salary of $104,600.

4. FacebookWith than 800 million active users, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is the largest of all time and pays its employees an average salary of $105,200.

3. LinkedInThe world’s largest professional online network, LinkedIn—one of the few major tech startups to go public in recent years—pays an average salary of $111,700.

2. AppleThe oldest of the companies in the top five, the iPhone and iPad creator compensates its employees well—the average salary here is $113,300.

1. TwitterThe youngest of the companies in the top five—and the only one who has yet to solidy a profitable business model—somehow affords to pay its staff the most, dishing out an average salary of $120,000. (Of course, it does have the fewest employees.)

Silicon Valley’s Highest Paying Companies (You’ll Be Surprised Who’s Number 1) – Techvibes.com

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